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     I've always believed that no two golf swings are the same because everyone has different measurements that are unique to them. Every single golfer has different strengths and weaknesses within each aspect of their game which can include full swing, short game and putting. In my teachings and experience with the golf swing, I will consider your body type, past injuries and certain measurements to identify the proper technical matchup needed to be as consistent as possible with your swing. I also take into account learning styles, skill levels, and different goals that want to be reached.


     From an average golfer to a PGA tour pro, my teaching concepts and philosophy will always remain the same. Initially, I will identify the main strengths in your golf swing and build around these fundamentals. Additionally, I will discover and change the biggest weakness in your golf swing that is creating the struggles you are having. At CM Golf, I take pride in being able to convey complex concepts in a simple way to cover all facets of the golf full swing, short game, putting, and practice routines to practice like the pros. Furthermore, we go in depth on course management, and the mental side of the game to help you improve and lower your overall score.


     From my previous teaching experiences, I am positive that you will see results after your first session. The main strengths that I possess as a golf instructor can include overall knowledge of the game, and my playing experience at a university level and the professional level. Additionally, I have the ability to communicate, and be patient and understanding during each player's personal learning and development experience to help them achieve the best possible results and take their games to the next level.

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